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With every wedding, I first aim to understand the couple & their story, and from there create a space that mirrors their love and personalities.

CHE weddings can look vastly different from one another, but the common factor throughout the weddings I plan is that they are authentic, non-performative, and natural events. I am a big believer in incorporating the little touches that make each wedding unique & personal, while also letting your day be relaxed, easy, and true to who you are as people. In all aspects of the wedding, my goal is to help couples' visions for their day come to life, while taking stress & pressure off the couple and their families throughout the wedding process & wedding day.


My services include: partial wedding planning, day-of event coordination, full wedding planning & coordination, and design consulting. Please inquire here for more information and pricing!  

 Wedding   Planner 

 Assistance throughout the planning process, from font choices & color palettes to budgeting and timeline management, I am ready to assist with any and all details

 Day-Of   Planner 

 Coordinating the entire wedding weekend experience, working alongside each vendor to ensure that your wedding flows smoothly and effortlessly, while you focus on what really matters: celebrating your love

Justine Montigny



 From the first planning stages to your beautiful celebration, I am more than thrilled to play a role in your entire wedding experience, assisting with everything from initial big decisions to last-minute details

Justibe Montigny



If you are someone looking to be your own wedding planner, but want to brainstorm your ideas + vision, I am happy to offer flat-rate consulting where we can talk details and steps to making your day come to life

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