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Emily Salomon


auren & Jordan

Working with Emily was one of the best things we did for our wedding. She took the stress and anxiety off me as the bride so I could simple focus on enjoy the day. She has a very calm demeanor, which is so important leading up to the big event. On my wedding day, we weren't able to get the event center until 4 so I could not have any input into set up of the reception center. When I walked into the room it was more beautiful then I could have ever imagined thanks to Emily's good eye and direction to the vendors. I would highly recommend Emily as your day of coordinator to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible.

Kyrian & Rob

"Emily was an angel on our wedding day as well as in the time leading up to the big day! She better organized my attempts at spreadsheets & planning and made sure I had a schedule everyone could go by to make the day run as smooth as possible. She has an incredible eye for design as well, and not only helped guide the process of set up & take down, but wore so many hats - bride supporter, supply deliverer, centerpiece designer, and so many more. You surely won't regret involving her in your wedding or any other event!" 

Taylor & Drew

"Emily was so great throughout the wedding-planning process, along with the day-of! She had the perfect mix of helping us make some of the hard decisions while still allowing our wedding priorities to be honored. She was super hardworking, organized, and incredibly helpful!"

Ally & Travis

"Emily's eye for detail and style is unmatched. She gives every word she hears, every moment she witnesses, and every vision casted her closest attention. She is able to take any dream and make it a tangible reality because of her incredible gift!"

rchna & Jeff

Emily was one of the greatest decisions I made for our wedding! I planned most of our wedding myself, but as it got closer to the day, I realized that I just didn't have it in me to figure everything out for the day of, and then I found Emily. She was truly a lifesaver, and really helped the day go incredibly smoothly! From setting everything up for the reception, ensuring that the bridal parties had everything they needed, working with a local bar for our after party by ordering food and ensuring everything was ready, and getting everything packed in our car at the end of the night, she truly made the day better! I'd 100% recommend a day of coordinator, and I'd 1000% recommend Emily for that job!

Jessie & Rocky

We used Emily as our day-of planner, and she was phenomenal! While I tried to be as organized as possible and tried to plan every last detail, the best decision I made was to hire Emily. Although she was technically only a "day-of planner," she made herself available for the entire weekend and was willing to answer any question I had in the months leading up to the event. The day before the wedding we walked through everything together. By doing this, the day of the wedding was flawless (or at least I thought it was). Any issue that arose Emily handled 100% on her own. She made the day go so smoothly! All I can say is that everyone should have an Emily for their wedding.

Johnson Photography, LLC
HB Mertz Photography

Emily made our wedding day flow easily and took the lead in every potentially stressful situation to ensure our day went as smoothly as possible. She communicated excellently with all members of our family and any friends that were helping set up our day! Emily reached out to the vendors in advance to make sure they had all the information they needed and provided them with any details that they were missing. She even went as far as running to the grocery store during the reception to get more lemonade for the bar! We couldn't recomend Emily to enough people!! Emily is a capable delegator and her set up/ tear down process is amazingly efficient. Couples on their wedding day should only be worried about one thing, their marriage! Emily ensure that that is the case!

Holly & Steve
amantha & Matthew

Emily is exactly who I needed. She worked as planner-extraordinaire, visionary, dream-maker, emotional counselor, family-manager, and friend. Not only did Emily make our dream day come to life, she also played an integral role throughout the entire process. She has a delicate way of managing all of the emotion, anticipation, and excitement of the wedding-planning season for her brides, and she does it with great care and grace. She created beauty and an effortlessly smooth day out of my scattered plans and ideas, a tough task! I could not recommend her more.